Quick Answer: What Did The Lytton Report Say?

What was Japan’s response to the Lytton report?

After extensive research and a six-week stay in Manchuria (Northeast Provinces), the commission submitted its report in September 1932.

It found both parties guilty, blaming the Chinese for their anti-Japanese propaganda and refusal to compromise but branding Japan as an aggressor..

When was the Lytton report?

October 1, 1932The report of the Commission of Enquiry appointed by the Council of the League of Nations, upon the relations between China and Japan affecting Manchuria, generally known as the Lytton Report,1 was officially circulated to the Council and the members of the League on October 1, 1932, having been signed at Peiping early …

Why did Japan quit the League of Nations in 1931?

In September 1931, following an assault on a Chinese garrison in Mukden (the northern Chinese province of Manchuria) the Japanese invaded Manchuria and set up its own government. … The Japanese government rejected the Commission’s findings and withdrew from the League in March 1933.

What did the League of Nations do about the Manchurian crisis?

In order to try and retain control of Manchuria the Chinese appealed to the League of Nations. In October the League of Nations passed a resolution saying that Japanese troops should withdraw and established a commission which would investigate the claims of both sides.