Quick Answer: What Is A Synonym For The Word Extravagant?

Does extravagant mean good?

spending much more than is necessary or wise; wasteful: an extravagant shopper.

excessively high: extravagant expenses; extravagant prices.

exceeding the bounds of reason, as actions, demands, opinions, or passions.

going beyond what is deserved or justifiable: extravagant praise..

Which word best defines extravagance?

noun. excessive or unnecessary expenditure or outlay of money. an instance of this: That sports car is an inexcusable extravagance.

Who is an extravagant person?

1. adjective. Someone who is extravagant spends more money than they can afford or uses more of something than is reasonable. We are not extravagant; restaurant meals are a luxury and designer clothes are out.

What does wiser mean?

is smarter than othersThe definition of wiser is someone who is smarter than others, or smarter than previously. If you used to make bad decisions but now you think things through and make good decisions, this is an example of a situation where you are wiser.

How do you use the word extravagance in a sentence?

(1) He’s always railing against his wife about her extravagance. (2) His extravagance explains why he is always in debt. (3) We must combat extravagance and waste. (4) Her savings has dwindled away over the years as the result of her extravagance.

What is the opposite word of extravagant?

Antonyms for extravagant close, calm, normal, ordinary, unpretentious, serious, small, simple, restrained, sensible, plain, stingy, poor, unflashy, modest, reasonable, cheap, drab, careful, provident, believable, saving, tasteful, usual, logical, wise, moderate, economical, inexpensive, good, thrifty.

Can people be extravagant?

If you’re prone to lavish behavior or spending, you’re extravagant. It’s an adjective associated with extremes, sometimes even to the point of absurdity. Fees at a bank can be extravagant, and so can a person who insists on drinking only bottled French mineral water out of a golden chalice.

What does stubborn mean in English?

1a(1) : unreasonably or perversely unyielding : mulish. (2) : justifiably unyielding : resolute. b : suggestive or typical of a strong stubborn nature a stubborn jaw. 2 : performed or carried on in an unyielding, obstinate, or persistent manner stubborn effort.

What is a synonym for extravagant?

extravagant. Synonyms: wild, monstrous, preposterous, absurd, prodigal, wasteful, reckless, excessive, lavish, profuse, abnormal.

What is the synonyms and antonyms of extravagant?

extravagant. adjective. ( ɛkˈstrævəgənt) Unrestrained, especially with regard to feelings. Synonyms. unrestrained excessive overweening exuberant. Antonyms. restrained unfree inhibited controlled reserved. … extravagant. adjective. ( ɛkˈstrævəgənt) Recklessly wasteful. Synonyms. wasteful prodigal profligate spendthrift. Antonyms.

What is another word for expensive?

In this page you can discover 54 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for expensive, like: costly, exorbitant, valuable, transactions, moderate, priceless, lavish, fancy, worth a pretty penny, steep and high-priced.

Is excessive or extravagant spending?

adjective. spending much more than is necessary or wise; wasteful: an extravagant shopper. excessively high: extravagant expenses; extravagant prices.