What Is The Root Word Of Acceptable?

What are 5 good synonyms?

goodadj.pleasant, fine.adj.moral, virtuous.adj.competent, skilled.adj.useful, adequate.adj.reliable; untainted.adj.kind, giving.adj.authentic, real.adj.well-behaved.More items….

Does permitted mean allowed?

Permit means to allow. … To permit means to let someone do something. It comes from the Latin permittere which means “give up, allow to pass through.” You might feel like you “gave up” when you permitted your brother to enter your room.

What does the root word mean?

A basic word to which affixes (prefixes and suffixes) are added is called a root word because it forms the basis of a new word. The root word is also a word in its own right. For example, the word lovely consists of the word love and the suffix -ly.

What is another word for unacceptable?

In this page you can discover 38 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unacceptable, like: intolerable, below-par, deficient, inadequate, objectionable, poor, undesirable, unsuitable, unwelcome, unworthy and suitable.

What is another word for not acceptable?

What is another word for not acceptable?unacceptablebelow pardeplorabledispleasinginadequatedisgracefuldistastefulobnoxiousunsuitableinsupportable85 more rows

What is the Latin root word for good?

The table below defines and illustrates 25 of the most common Latin roots….Latin Root Words.RootMeaningExamplesbenegoodbenefit, benign, benefactorbrevshortabbreviate, briefcircroundcircus, circulatedictsaydictate, edict, dictionary23 more rows•Nov 21, 2019

What is the another word for good?

great, satisfying, exceptional, positive, acceptable, satisfactory, valuable, superb, marvelous, bad, wonderful, favorable, excellent, respectable, honest, useful, talented, efficient, reliable, able.

IS ANTI a root word?

The origin of the prefix anti- and its variant ant- is an ancient Greek word which meant “against” or “opposite.” These prefixes appear in numerous English vocabulary words, such as antifreeze, antidote, antonym, and antacid.

What is the root word of unacceptable?

The adjective unacceptable adds the “not” prefix un- to acceptable, “suitable, adequate, or pleasing.” We can trace the roots back to the Latin acceptare, “take or receive willingly.”

What is the root word of allowed?

The word comes from allow, with its root allouen, “to praise, approve of, or be pleased with,” with the Latin prefix dis in front, here meaning “do the opposite of.”

What does the root word good mean?

Good has transparent etymology: gather and -gether are related to it. Their root means “fit, suitable.” This circumstance is borne out by numerous cognates in and outside Germanic. … I have borrowed them from the book Folk-Etymology by the Reverend A. Smythe Palmer (1883).