Why It Is Called 96 Kuli Maratha?

What is the meaning of 96 Kuli Maratha?

The Maratha clan system (also referred to as Shahannava Kuli Marathas, 96 Kuli Marathas or 96K) refers to the network of 96 clans of families and essentially their surnames, within the Maratha caste of India.

Clans with watan usually hold written genealogical records stretching back several generations..

What caste is 96 Kuli Maratha?

As of 2018, 80% of the members of the Maratha caste were farmers. Marathas are subdivided into 96 different clans, known as the 96 Kuli Marathas or Shahānnau Kule….Maratha (caste)MarathaGroup Photograph of a Maratha family in the late 19th centuryReligionsHinduismLanguagesMarathi KonkaniCountryIndia2 more rows

Which are surname in 96 Kuli Maratha?

These clans include Ghatge , Shitole Dabhade , Gaekwad, Mahadik , Shirke, Kadam, Jagtap, Mohite, Ingle, Khanvilkar, Surve , Thorat , Pandhre , Bandal, Jedhe, Kakde, Dhamale, Dhumal, Marne, Maral , Pol , Pisal , Gadhwe, Nalge , Khanvilkar, known as Indulkar, Garud, Nalavde, Kokate, Harpale, Dhamdhere, Nigade, Sawant, …

Are Maratha shudra?

Yes.. Marathas are Shudras. The Peshwas are Brahmins.

Which surname comes under Maratha?

The Marathas are a group of castes comprising of peasants, landowners and warriors. While the top layer of the Marathas—with surnames like Deshmukh, Bhonsle, More, Shirke, Jadhav—are the Kshatriyas (warriors), the rest belong to a predominantly agrarian sub-caste called Kunbi.

What does 96 mean?

The number 96 symbolizes family, home, as well as caring for humanity. This number also symbolizes idealism, responsibility and harmony.